“Fangirl: A Novel” Excerpt (Erotica)

Henry’s suite was nowhere near as ostentatious as the 22nd floor. An upright piano stood against a wall in the central living room area of the suite, which had a high-arcing ceiling and retained the decor of the early 1960s. The couch was beige, low-to-the-ground geometric modern with matching chairs. Plastic ferns on pedestals hid behind octagonal mahogany end tables. A rotary phone stood on the solid oak desk next to a decadent plate of meat, cheese, and fruit sent by the hotel. Henry hoped Lucy wouldn’t be disappointed.

Lucy’s expression of consummate infatuation melted all of Henry’s prickly pretense. He was the brightest light in her eyes. He drew the heavy tapestry drapes back with a gold cord to reveal a view of the Vegas strip, a galaxy of electric lights reflected in her wondrous eyes. Her nostrils flared breathing in the scent of polished mahogany, leather, and vintage furniture. Henry traced his index finger from the nape of her neck to between her shoulder blades where the zipper of her dress started at the crux of a V-shaped neckline. Lucy looked up at him spellbound.

“Is everything about you impressive?” She asked, stealing a knowing glance at the sizable tent in his pants.

“Yeah, I can’t contain my boner when there’s a pretty girl in my room.” Bruce Foster, the dad on “American Family” answered for Henry. He made a face like he was pretty sure he just ruined everything. On the contrary, Lucy was delighted by this momentary lapse into character and burst out laughing, filling him with relieved enchantment. Henry couldn’t count the many times his inability to contain the voices had ruined romantic encounters. Lucy seemed way into it.

“I was wondering when ‘the fam’ was gonna come out to play…” Her smirk read she was getting what she wanted.

“If I had known such a beautiful woman could have the hots for a fat guy like Bruce, I wouldn’t have spent so much time in the gym!” Said Tony, Bruce’s wacky horn-dog neighbor. Lucy was visibly elated by the sudden change in character, then struggled to contain herself. She caressed his cheek with a tender hand and shook her head.

“I’m attracted to you, not the characters, silly. It doesn’t matter what size you are, I find your talent… astonishing. So many people existing within one person… Fascinating.” Lucy sat in one of the beige chairs, put her feet up on an ottoman and kicked off her shoes again.

“I could exist inside of you…” The gruff voice of the lascivious Dr. Hamilton rumbled from the deepest part of Henry’s chest. Lucy laughed as Henry sat on the ottoman, taking her feet in his skilled hands, massaging the arches with extremely strong thumbs. Her smile was indulgent.

“You know you’re not on the clock, right Henry? You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.” Lucy said, tapping her right toes to her left shin, indicating he should massage there. Henry obeyed.

“Oh, I want to. I see this turning out to be quite entertaining. Just imagine the cast of characters that could run a train on you.” Charlie, “American Family’s” baby genius responded, cocking Henry’s head to a severe angle. Imagination overload twitched Lucy’s right lower eyelid, spreading a cavalier smile across Henry’s baby face. His hands worked up her calves and caressed behind her knees. She placed the ball of her right foot in the center of his chest.

“I believe I was promised a song…” Lucy reminded, raising an eyebrow and a half-smile, standing up to fix herself a drink from the minibar she somehow knew to find hidden behind the false desk drawer. She had him where she wanted him and he respected that.

“Okay, I see how it is… Coming right up, sweet cheeks!” Henry said, swatting her on the ass as he carefully moved to the piano bench and started playing a jazzy, aimless tune. Lucy bumped his shoulder with her hip and sat cross-legged on the desk next to the piano. Taking out her silver cigarette case, Lucy sniffed the air, finding the source in a wooden box on the desk.

“You smoke cigars?” She asked.

“Not really.” Henry said, salivating over her delectable curves.

“So what are we gonna do with these?”

“I can think of a few things…” A former president answered.

“Well, Mr. President, I think I know what you mean by that…” Lucy leaned over so close to Henry’s face, their lips almost touched. She pulled back so suddenly, he fell over. Using a sharp thumbnail, Lucy split the cigar down the middle and emptied the tobacco into the wastepaper basket. She replaced it with weed and rolled the blunt up lightning fast. He didn’t know if he was more impressed or frustrated, but it was easy to relax after she struck another match on the side of the piano and sucked the flame in the end.

Unable to allow him to stop playing, Lucy stood behind Henry with her tits pressed against his neck. She put the end of the blunt to his lips so he could take a hit. He kissed her fingers as he sucked the smoke in tiny sips. Her arm around his neck and her cheek pressed to his, she took a long, slow hit while caressing his arms, his back, his toned ass, and legs… he played the instrument with his whole body. Through sheer force of will, he managed to keep playing when she reached between his legs and started massaging his hard cock. Henry let out a deep, satisfied groan and a cloud of weed smoke as she stroked, lightly kissing his neck, nibbling on his earlobe. The blunt was halfway done when she got up to stub it out in the ashtray on the desk. Henry unconsciously started to play “Dream a Little Dream” by the Mamas and the Papas. Lucy sang along…

“Stars shining bright above you,

Night breezes seem to whisper ‘I love you’,

Birds singin’ in the sycamore trees,

Dream a little dream of me…”

“Fuck me, your voice is as gorgeous as the rest of ya…” Henry said, turning to caress her legs as she sat on the desk again. Lucy picked up a strawberry from the fruit plate and nibbled the end.

“Well, I’m not gonna sing if you’re not gonna play, silly!” Lucy admonished. Henry made a canine whine in the back of his throat as he continued to caress her thighs, working his fingers up her dress and feeling the lace garters of her stockings. She picked up a slice of salami from the plate and dangled it like a treat. “Here boy!” Henry grinned and devoured the slice, caressed her hips, her waist, cupped her breasts, pulled the straps of her dress down further. He swallowed the salty meat and went in for the kiss.

Their lips met and the world seemed to melt away around them. Two lovers embraced, adrift in the eternal inertia of a vast, star-swept galaxy. Henry pressed his body against hers, spreading her legs so he could press his hard-on against her wet panties. Lucy gripped the back of his head with her fingernails running through his coarse black hair. Her legs wrapped around his hips, locked her feet behind his ass to draw him in closer. He started to probe her beautiful mouth with his unusually dexterous tongue. She started sucking and flicking it with the end of hers. His hands devoured her body, he kissed her neck and sucked her earlobe.

“Growl for me…” Lucy purred. Henry made a low, soft growl in her ear, which increased intensity when she moaned. Her whole body started to convulse. He growled like a dog with a bone, his hot breath tickling her ear, his hard dick grinding against her swollen clit until she was about to come. Henry managed to pull himself back before she got hers.

“You are something else, my dear.” Henry said, or maybe it was Jack the dog, who could tell? He took a strawberry from the plate and traced the tip of it around Lucy’s plump red lips, she smiled and bit into it, red juice dripping down her cleavage and onto her dress, leaving a stain. She gasped, pushed him back as he tried to lick it off her breasts.

“Oh no! I have to take this off! Quick, un-zip me!” Lucy leaped up and turned around with her hands on the desk and bent over slightly, smiling at him over her shoulder.

“You’re the boss!” He said while slowly pulling the zipper down.

“Fuck yes I am.” Lucy said, slipping out of the dress to reveal an extremely sexy nude lace bodice with matching panties and garter belt attached to her stockings. Henry was awestruck, stood bent over in pain as she bent over to grab a club soda from the minibar and flitted to the bathroom with her dress. He fell to his knees as the sight of her ass walking away from him, firm as a crisp apple begging to be bitten. She looked back at him and winked before closing the door behind her.

Henry thought he heard her muttering “Out damn spot” as she scrubbed the dress in the bathroom. He took off all his clothes except his boxers and looked around, momentarily unsure of what to do with himself. Looking in the gilded mirror over the desk, he flexed and noticed the progress made by paying a dude to punch him several days a week at a boxing gym. Learning to punch back translated into more success in other areas of his life.

He lounged on the bed like Burt Reynolds. No, that was stupid. He sat on the couch with an arm out and his leg crossed over his knee. Nah, not cool enough for that. He took out one of the cigars and thought about lighting it, wishing he had a cigarette. He didn’t like to smoke in front of people. He put the cigar on the top of the piano and sat down on the bench, started playing again to relieve his anxiety until he heard the water stop running.

Lucy opened the bathroom door with one hand high up on the frame, her foxy figure back-lit by the bright light. Henry stared, astounded by her stunning form, his hands poised above the keys, paralyzed by arousal.

“Don’t stop…” Lucy said, approaching him, springing up onto the top of the piano like an acrobatic cat. Henry continued to move his hands over the keys, oblivious to what he was playing. Sitting cross-legged, she picked up the cigar, produced a match out of nowhere and lit it by flicking the head with her thumb. She puffed the cigar aflame and waved the match cold.

“You’re not even inhaling!” Henry smiled and shook his head at her.

“What are you, the cigar police?” She asked, holding it between her index finger and thumb the way no one holds a cigar.

“Yes, ma’am! And you’re under arrest for smoking while being too beautiful on a piano!” He took the cigar from her, puffed it and stubbed it out in the ashtray. He pushed her knees open as her face lit up with excitement. His dark eyes looked up at her.

“Is this okay?” Henry asked. Lucy nodded in eager anticipation. “Yes! I’ve always wanted to do this!” He shouted out of enthusiasm.

“Me too!” Lucy said as Henry dove face-first into her pussy, using his strong tongue to move her lace thong aside. Her heels played a tuneless melody on the keys. She let out some deep, sexy moans as he licked her hairless lips and pulled the small tuft of bush on her mound. His mouth was so well trained to produce any sound, they didn’t even have to be coming out of him. He licked her erect clit upwards while his hands reached up to pinch her nipples through the bodice. Lucy pushed his head into her hips, grinding her pussy against his mouth, his nose, and his big shovel-shaped chin. She used Henry’s face as her new favorite sex toy.

When Henry felt her getting close, he inserted two strong fingers, palm-up. He sucked on her clit like a miniature dick while he finger fucked her deep and hard. Henry licked and sucked the dark red folds of her snatch, luxuriously circling the head of her clit with the tip of his agile tongue. Her wetness started to drip down his wrist so his tongue replaced his fingers, fucking her with it and drinking her juices. His well-muscled arms wrapped around her thighs, pushed his face into her like he wanted to climb inside. She cried out in ecstasy as her Kegels clenched, a burst of wetness washed down his throat, covered his face, his chin, his neck and dripped down onto his glistening, wispy black chest hair. His dark eyes rolled back in his head as he tasted the most delicious flavor of his life.

“Thank you…” Lucy sighed, panting.

“My pleasure, baby doll.” Said Tony, grinning through Henry’s pussy-glazed face. Lucy’s intense arousal was instantly restored, she grabbed Henry’s face and kissed him hard, sucking her own flavor off of his face.

“Fuck me.” She commanded as he kissed her heaving breasts.

“As you wish…” Henry said in a perfect English accent. She squealed as he swept her off of the piano and carried her into the bedroom, placing her gently on the down comforter of the California King. He stood back and observed her stunning form, waves of blonde hair spread out on the soft white linen, ravishing body still shaking from her first profoundly powerful orgasm. One arm behind her head, she smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at him. Henry traced his fingertips from her elbow, down the underside of her arm, tickling her armpit slightly so she giggled through her nose. Her laugh seemed to have a direct connection to his dick, which twitched, begged to be inside her.

Lucy sensed his need, pulled him down on top of her, wrapped her shapely legs around him. They kissed, soft at first, increasing to full-on mutual tongue throat fucking. Henry’s deft fingers made quick work of the seven hooks holding her bodice together, which she threw to the side, revealing her supple alabaster flesh, voluptuous breasts, and pink flower petal nipples. His skilled lips and tongue made them hard while he unhooked her garter belt, pulling back to peel her stockings down. He wanted to see her totally naked.

Henry stood by the edge of the bed with an expression like a kid on Christmas morning. He marveled over her beauty, took her hand and kissed her palm, took her foot and kissed the inside of the arch as she giggled again. One pretty foot massaged his cock through his silky boxers while he sucked the toes of her other foot. He picked up both of her feet, licked them up and down as she laughed with delight. Henry made a guttural grunt of desire and rubbed both of her feet on his cock. Lucy lifted one finger and beckoned, a sensual smile curling on her lips.

Lucy flipped Henry over on the bed, surprising him with her strength. She positioned him upright against the pillows, kneeling between his legs, prostrate before him. Not a trace of submission in her expression or tone, she asked:

“May I suck your dick, please?” Grinning, intent like a tigress about to pounce.

“Well, sure since ya asked so nice…” said Saul Levy, “American Family’s” Jewish cousin as Henry grinned back. Lucy slowly worked her fingertips under his elastic waistband, delicious anticipation tingling through them both. She ripped the shorts off of him with a magician’s flourish and gasped. Henry paused, anxiously awaiting her reaction to the biggest erection he’d ever had.

Lucy was awestruck. Her eyes wide, open-mouthed, she traced her fingertips up his thighs toward his dick, giving him goosebumps. Warm breath caressed the head of his dick as she teased the tip, almost touching it to her plush pink lips. Discomfort mixed with euphoria made Henry twitch, but he restrained the urge to shove it in her mouth. She smiled, noticed his self-control, gave him a wink and stuck her tongue out, wagged it like a snake before giving a long, slow, wet lick from the base to the shiny purple head. A deep moan of eminent satisfaction escaped Henry as her pretty mouth engulfed his throbbing cock.

Looking up at Henry in utter adoration, Lucy gave him a long, slow blowjob, pressing her pillowy tits against his balls, her nipples getting harder as the hair tickled them. Her perky lips drew consuming waves of pleasure up the shaft of his cock, her serpentine tongue tickling the tip, never breaking eye contact as she swooped down to happily lap at his taint. His fingers entwined her blonde tresses as she fucked him with her face, working his cock so far down her throat, she managed to lick his balls. She sensed the increasing fervor of his moans and pulled back with a long strand of pre-come trailing from her lips, connected to the tip of his dick. Henry laughed out loud as she slurped the fluid into her pursed lips like a strand of spaghetti, kissing the tip and mocking bashful.

“Haha, such a lady!” Henry pulled her up by the face and kissed her lips, tasting both of their flavors mixed together.

“I’m a tramp for these meatballs!” Lucy said, ducking down to eagerly lick them while making little whimpers of pleasure until they both collapsed in laughter. Henry used his own unexpected strength to flip her around so she was sitting on his face, ass towards him. He locked his strapping arms behind her back and sucked her pussy lips while her head bobbed up and down on his dick. She came up for air with an audible POP.

“Do Fred Flintstone!” Lucy shouted with Henry’s face buried inside her.

“What? That’s not even my show!” Henry said, sticking his head out from behind her, amused and confused.

“Do the voice, dammit!” She said, churning his cock with her slippery hands.

“Yabba dabba…” and he buried his face in her ass, motorboating her pussy lips, licking and sticking his tongue in her asshole. She came for the second time, drenching his face in her juices, which he happily lapped up, growling like a dog.

“Sit on my cock, baby girl.” Tony commanded for Henry. Lucy hopped up and stood above him with quim-soaked thighs and a ravenous smile alighting her glittering green eyes.

“Yes sir, Mr. O’Connor!” She said, lowering herself onto his dick and gripping it with her toned pussy muscles.

“Uhhh… You can call me Henry.” He groaned. Lucy started to bounce on his cock, running her fingers through his chest hair as Henry bucked his hips into her pelvis, getting as deep inside her as he possibly could.

“Yes sir, Henry…” Lucy winked. He pulled her body down on top of him so he could kiss her and wrap his arms around her back so her tits were pressed against his bear-ish barrel chest. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him upright, still locked in a kiss. He flipped her on her back and she let out a surprised yelp followed by a laugh. He lifted her hips until she was in a back-bend and pounded her using all of his pent-up sexual energy. Henry fucked her with a vigor he hadn’t felt in years, electrified by her exuberance, with a fervent passion he usually reserved for creating art and playing music. Fucking her WAS creating art.

Feeling the toned muscles of her snatch clench around his cock almost made Henry come before he flipped her around. He licked her from behind again while she looked back at him, smiling and moaning in ecstasy. His chin was dripping when he came up for air and started fucking her doggy style.

“Bark like a dog!” Lucy shouted as she started to come. Henry barked loudly while she collapsed in orgasmic laughter. The glorious joy flowing from her was too much for him. Henry came so hard inside of her that he felt like he was going to turn inside out. She squeezed out every last drop. They collapsed on the bed together, he wrapped his arms around her, she rubbed her ass on his still-hard cock and smiled.

“That was awesome…” Bruce said for Henry. Lucy giggled and turned toward Henry, brushing his face with her fingertips.

“Yes, Daddy…” She said with a wink. He raised an eyebrow at her, amused… not really sure how to feel about that.


Fangirl: Edited by Kristin Grady” is published on Kindle Direct Publishing

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