JK Rowling: Her Name Is Joanne

I have to start like this: the Harry Potter books saved me from a traumatic youth and possible suicide. I survived all of Harry’s deadly trials, learned all his magic spells, and grieved his lost loved ones. Escaping into his fantasy world was necessary to keep me alive. I will always be grateful to JK [...]

#AStarForCarrie: Civil Disobedience

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. kneels beside a motel bed, silently saying his evening prayers. A flash of brilliant blue light and a sound like ripping fabric filtered through autotune makes him turn and shy away from the opening in space through which a woman in a white dress gingerly steps. She smoothes the wrinkles [...]

#AStarForCarrie: Updates

#AStarForCarrie "Cry Havoc" Alderaan Destruction - Princess Leia #AStarForCarrie 46 & 2 by Tool- Princess Leia cosplay dance lip sync #AStarForCarrie: Civil Disobedience #AStarForCarrie: There Is No Try #AStarForCarrie Leia plays "Friday I'm In Love" on the Ukulele #AStarForCarrie: ASMR Book Reading "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse - Voice Only #AStarForCarrie: Happiness is a Sunflower #AStarForCarrie: [...]