Writing Samples

Kamala Koala

Kamala the Koala is an immigrant from Australia, just trying to get to her job at the pickle store on time, with the help of her pet kiwi Roscoe.

“Voyage of the Curie” TV Script Plot Synopsis

Not long after surviving the attempted robot apocalypse, an exploratory space vessel in the year 2420 rescues a stranded pirate ship, its only occupant is asleep, and strange things happen while she dreams.

“Voyage of the Curie” Scene Sample

The Crew of the Curie is excited for their return to Earth, so they have a hot dog eating contest in the mess hall to celebrate!

“Otto” Feature Film Script Treatment

Otto the Otter is a talking toy in a world full of humans… He thought he was the only one.

“Fangirl: A Novel” Excerpt (Erotica)

Voice actor/Animator Henry isn’t sure what to expect when he brings mysterious Lucy up to his hotel room for a private piano performance, but she knows exactly what she wants.

“Fortunate Son” Film Plot Synopsis

Sarah’s new therapy client is an affluent young man on the verge of becoming a dangerous white supremacist.

“A Strange and Unusual Relationship” Short Story

A director and his actress wife have a very peculiar way of getting along…

“Technically in Love” Short Story

A couple considers breaking up over their robot girlfriend.

“The Ghost Writer” Short Story

A dementia patient scribbles his fascinating delusions in a notebook every day. His only reader is orderly/aspiring writer Tom Tully.