#AStarForCarrie “Cry Havoc” Alderaan Destruction – Princess Leia

#AStarForCarrie 46 & 2 by Tool- Princess Leia cosplay dance lip sync

#AStarForCarrie Leia plays “Friday I’m In Love” on the Ukulele

#AStarForCarrie: ASMR Book Reading “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse – Voice Only

#AStarForCarrie: ASMR Poetry Reading: “The Mask Of Anarchy” by Percy Shelley

#AStarForCarrie: “Last Action Hero” Commentary

#AStarForCarrie: The Great Dictator transcript

#AStarForCarrie: Reading of notes from “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”

#AStarForCarrie: Reading of notes from “Rosemary’s Baby”

“AllStar” by Smashmouth Ukulele Cover in Hollywood

Ukulele Chords/Lyrics “Brain Damage” by Pink Floyd

“Los Angeles is Burning” by Bad Religion on a Ukulele with Lyrics

Animation Voiceover Reel

ASMR Voice-Only Poetry Reading “Howl” By Alan Ginsberg

ASMR Depression / Hostage RP

ASMR Butoh Dream Guardian Role Play Reiki energy extraction

ASMR Lighting Matches Fire Pixie Role Play No Talking

ASMR Witch/Medicine Woman heals your broken heart RP

Sunset Shakespeare Video Project:

The first week of Winter 2017, I recorded one Shakespeare monologue a day at sunset.

Sunset Shakespeare Highlight Reel

Sunset Shakespeare Compilation

Richard III

Lady MacBeth