Logline: Otto the Otter is a talking toy in a world full of humans… He thought he was the only one.

Genre: Live-action/animated comedy

Demographic: Rated PG/PG-13, suitable for ages 10+, all genders

Approx. run time: 90-100 mins


Voyage of the Curie

Genre: Sci-fi Comedy TV Series

Logline: Not long after surviving the attempted robot apocalypse, an exploratory space vessel in the year 2420 rescues a stranded pirate ship, its only occupant is asleep, and strange things happen while she dreams.

Approx. run time: 55-60 mins


Karl the Koala

Genre: Animated Kid’s TV Show

Logline: Karl the Koala is an immigrant from Australia, just trying to get to his job at the pickle store on time, with the help of his pet kiwi Roscoe.

Approx. Run Time: 9-11 mins.