Kristin Grady / Moxie Jane


Kristin Grady (aka Moxie Jane) Executive Producer / Writer for Imagination for Sale, LLC, believes her imagination is the most valuable part of her being. She is the author of the romantic comedy novel “Fangirl” (published on Kindle Direct Publishing), several scripts, short stories, and treatments. Writing has been her lifelong passion and has manifested some diverse content in variegated forms of media (Images / Videos). Her exquisite cinematic eye captures the most compelling elements of a story and shapes them into Art with a capital A. 

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Kristin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Production from The Evergreen State College and a Certification in Multimedia Design from NVCC. She has worked as a graphic designer, production assistant, set photographer, editor, background actor and producer of YouTube videos involving ukulele covers, ASMR, and Shakespeare monologues. Whenever the mood strikes, she also performs at standup comedy open mics.