#AStarForCarrie: Origin Story

Cosplay for Tips Leads to a Crusade

I moved to Hollywood from Virginia in May 2019 to start Imagination for Sale, LLC because I believe in creating Art with a capital A… which requires Capital.

Short on cash and in possession of a Princess Leia costume, I decided to try out the “cosplay for tips” gig in Hollywood Square. I had fun, got some tips for pictures, and found out Carrie doesn’t have a star.

A crusade was born in my mind.

I took every dollar I earned that day, bought ramen noodles, poster-board, markers, and a clipboard at the 99 cent store on La Brea.

The next day, I showed up with a sign and a petition and I haven’t stopped since.

I collected 62 signatures on my first day.

I created a spreadsheet, cataloging expenses, time spent, and signatures collected. I started an online petition, a crowdfunding page, and posted a blog explaining the project.

I collected 312 signatures the second day.

I needed a job, so I made one.

The cost of living in Los Angeles is ridiculous and it’s no wonder Hollywood Square is full of street performers, cosplayers, and vendors 365 days a year. A lot of those people are out there every day, trying to eke out a living in this extraordinarily expensive city.

Weird Al’s fans managed to raise the funds for his Star on the Walk of Fame, but I don’t want to wait over a decade, so I made this project my full-time job.

Based on national averages for costumed performers, sidewalk petitioners, and social media marketers vs. my skills and experience, I came up with a fair wage, considering I’m doing all three of those jobs at once.

Throw me a chainsaw, maybe I can juggle too! (Please do not, maybe start with a feather…)

I am giving other creative people the chance to earn a living wage while making a difference!

Check out my Nonprofit Startup page!

Please Donate to keep #AStarForCarrie going!

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