“Star Wars” Themed Parody Playlist

Joke intros were written for a bachelor party in April 2019


1. Is Governer Tarkin here, I recognized a foul stench when I was brought on board! Well! Let’s clear the air with the galaxy’s favorite song! Hit it, flyboy!

“Cantina Parody Song” 2:58 parody of “Lola” by Barry Manilow

2. That song has its moments, not many of them, but it does have them. Now let’s play one that makes everyone on Tatooine happy…

“Happy We are from Tatooine” 3:01

3. My brother loves that song, even though he’s a little short to be a stormtrooper! Our dad didn’t fill us in on a lot, so it made it kinda awkward… Here’s a song about it!

“Daddy” 3:22

4. Luke was never gonna learn the ways of the force from Dad… It took a true Jedi master to teach him … while impersonating a backpack.

Yoda (Weird Al) 3:59

5. Master Yoda always said “Fear is the path to the dark side” Luke was braver than he thought, but that little green muppet lit a fire in my brother…

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” (Star Wars version)

6. I always said, “take your broken heart and turn it into art. Still, leading a rebellion is bound to get you enslaved in a pleasure palace sooner or later…

Moves like Jabba 2:38

7. Big mistake Jabba, we had powerful friends and he regretted that! Even in space, there’s a double standard for women! That’s why these girls impersonated my dad, just taking back that base…

“All About That Base (No Rebels)” 3:16

8. Wait… I think we started this story in the middle… Let’s go back to the beginning, a long, long time ago… in a galaxy far away…

“The Saga Begins” (Weird Al) 5:36

9. Aw… That was about when my dad was a little kid before he turned into a total dick and blew up my planet. Is sand really that bad?

“I hate Sand” parody of “Island in the Sun” 3:19

10. Dad never really grasped the ways of the force. The force is in everything, all around us, the force is love, the force brings us together… so when you’re watching your bride walk down that aisle, remember, when she says I love you, DON’T respond “I know”. May the force be with you all!

“The Force is with me” 2:26

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