#AStarForCarrie: Cosplaying for a Cause


I worked in the Costume Shop at the (now closed) Experimental Theater at The Evergreen State College for three years. That work-study job taught me how to make a costume out of any budget, so my Halloween costumes have always been on point, but now I have a mission.

In April of 2019, I was hired to play Princess Leia at a bachelor party. The gentleman who hired me bought the costume, I put together a playlist of “Star Wars” themed parody songs, wrote joke intros for each one, and had fun dancing and MC’ing the party while making pretty good money.


Cut to a month later, I had the costume, so I tried out the cosplay-for-tips gig in Hollywood Square. Upon realizing that Carrie Fisher does NOT have a star on the Walk of Fame, I started the #AStarForCarrie Project and I’ve been petitioning to get her a star ever since.


Wearing white is on-theme with the Iconic Princess Leia character and it helps me stand out in the crowd, but it’s tough to keep blue ink stains and who knows what else off of it while walking up and down the Walk of Fame. The cinnamon-bun wig, belt, and boots can be coordinated with almost any white outfit and the faces of little kids will light up whenever they see me dressed as their favorite Space Princess.


I’ve never felt more powerful in any costume.

Princess Leia / General Organa was a character that embodied strength, courage, wisdom, and sass to several generations of women and girls. She gave men and boys a strong female character to fill their fantasies for decades.


Although I may change out the white costume with Goodwill $1 Thursday items, the only stipulation I’ve put upon myself about cosplaying Princess Leia is:

No Bra!

My reason:


I’m glad you lived, Carrie. We will get you that star!

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