#AStarForCarrie: Why?

Carrie Fisher does NOT have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m doing everything I can to change that!

Cosplaying Princess Leia has taught me:

“Even in space, there’s a double standard for women.”

-Carrie Fisher

It’s a matter of opinion who’s deserving of a Star on the Walk of Fame, but I believe Carrie Fisher should have received a star in her lifetime. The over 3,000 fans who have stopped to sign the #AStarForCarrie petition on Hollywood Boulevard agree.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (decides who gets a Star) has some pretty strict rules about who gets one. Plus, a star requires an application fee of $50,000, which does not guarantee a star! 

Regardless of the Chamber’s nebulous rules, fans have raised the funds for a star before. It took over a decade and a very dedicated fan to get “Weird” Al Yankovic a Star. I refuse to wait that long. The #AStarForCarrie petition specifically demands The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce changes their archaic posthumous “5-year-waiting period” rule for two reasons:

  1. Living people get them all the time, so that makes NO sense.
  2. This is Carrie Fisher! She’s Royalty on and off-screen. Her Star is LONG overdue.

I have applied to be a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in order to make positive changes from the inside.

It’s now my job to petition for #AStarForCarrie. 

Did anyone see the movie “Annihilation”? Natalie Portman plays a scientist who explores this strange alien dome of energy around a lighthouse in order to save her husband, with a group of other female scientists. She sees a vine of flowers, ever-evolving, changing colors, and thriving as it grows. #AStarForCarrie is one of those.

Sounds crazy? Carrie made me feel okay with being a little crazy.

#AStarForCarrie is a Nonprofit Startup!

Please Donate to keep the project going!

Sign the  #AStarForCarrie online petition for free!

Thanks for participating!

May The Force Be With You!

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