“Voyage of the Curie” TV Script Plot Synopsis

Genre: Sci-fi Comedy TV Series

Logline: Not long after surviving the attempted robot apocalypse, an exploratory space vessel in the year 2420 rescues a stranded pirate ship, its only occupant is asleep, and strange things happen while she dreams.

Approx. run time: 55-60 mins

Synopsis: Captain Ted Merrick and the crew of the USS Curie are looking forward to stopping at their home planet, Earth. Rallied by Lt. Garry Flynn, the crew has a hot dog eating contest in the mess hall between Lt. Marvin Marshall (Earth), Lt. Commander Dulcan Murtak (“warrior planet” Mulcan), and Lt. Yandy Laurid (unknown,  he’s a sentient green blob). Neck and uh… neck with Yandy, Marvin wins! The crew is called back to the flight deck as they approach a stranded vessel.

On the flight deck of The Curie, Captain Ted Merrick gets an embarrassing communication from his mom, revealing the tension between him and the first mate, his ex-wife Lt. Kayla Layton. Luckily, the moment is interrupted by security officer Lt. Tarra Kesey, who informs them of an emergency beacon from a stranded vessel. The communication screen shows a garbled message from a young woman in a malfunctioning vessel. Ted has Tyco, an artificial life form, navigate towards the stranded ship to rescue her.

The stranded ship is eased into the cargo bay of The Curie, sputtering out on its last power reserves.  The ship is old, rusty, and seems to be cobbled together out of several different ships. The interior is filled with strange equipment, artifacts, and treasures, from far-off planets. Dr. Irene McClintock and Tarra search the ship for survivors and they find the woman from the distress beacon fast asleep. They move her to sickbay, but even with Tarra’s super-human Zarathan strength, they find the sleeping woman very tough to move due to an extraordinarily high density.

While searching the ship, Garry and Marvin get into a hilarious fight with a bubble gun and some silly string. Kayla catches them goofing off and sends them back to their posts. A set of eight eyes peek out from inside a dark box as they leave the pirate ship.

Back in sickbay, El-isha Scion is awake and talking up a storm with Irene and Sally, a medic. Ted gets a lot of cryptic answers to standard questions before Kayla pulls Ted away to deal with some problems with the navigation. While walking to the flight deck, Kalya accidentally calls Ted “Ed” and has no idea why. They both agree something strange is going on, so Ted tells Kayla to take Dulcan and Tarra to search the pirate ship.

On the flight deck, Garry informs Ted The Curie is headed straight for Metropolon, a planet inhabited by artificial life forms who recently attempted to exterminate all organic life. He’s locked out of the override, which keeps asking for his mother’s maiden name. Ted laughs at Garry’s middle name and doesn’t know why. He decides it must have something to do with the stranded ship and goes to investigate the cargo bay. On the way, an ensign informs Ted that Kayla, Dulcan, and Tarra are missing!

El arrives at the cargo bay just as Ted is getting there and they’re greeted by El’s giant pet spider Bessie, who immediately wraps Ted in spider silk and dangles him like a yo-yo. El convinces Bessie to put him down like she’s a bad dog. They desperately search El’s ship for Kayla, Dulcan, and Tarra before they all suffocate in Bessie’s silk cocoon’s. El uses her glowing blue sword to cut Dulcan and Tarra free. Kayla is not breathing when she’s the last to be found. Ted tries to perform desperate CPR on Kayla, El flings him out of the way and uses her glowing green sword to bring her back to life.

Back in sickbay again, Ed suffers from several broken ribs and tries in vain to convince El that her “trained” pet spider isn’t safe to have on the ship. El offers her homemade grog for the pain and pleads while Bessie acts adorable. Kayla seems amused by El and Bessie, annoying the hell out of Ted. El disappears before he gets any answers.

On the flight deck, Garry is trying El’s grog while she sits in Ted’s captain chair. Bessie attacks Ted when he arrives, El threatens her with the blue sword before healing Ted’s broken ribs with the green sword. A communication screen pops up from an angry reptilian alien warlord, who threatens to blow up The Curie unless they release El and the stolen sacred scrolls containing an ancient recipe for grog. El disappears again.

Ted, Dulcan, and Kayla try to negotiate with the warlord to no avail. Kayla suggests they find the scrolls and give them back to appease the Komodians. They search the horde of boxes in El’s ship, Bessie finds the scrolls and holds them up in triumph with four of her eight arms. Tyco enters, triggering El to drop her jar of grog and charge at him with her blue sword. She slips in the grog and impales herself, creating an electrical arc reaction that has her writhing in agony. The crew drags her back into the cargo bay. Bessie flies the pirate ship out in front of the Komodian warship and destroys the scrolls, so they blow up El’s ship instead of the Curie.

El is brought back to sickbay with purple lightning bolt scars all over her body, emanating from the stab wound. Irene sees older scars on her back, but El refuses to take off her belt and runs away without answering any questions again. Tarra has El’s swords locked up in a safe, so El tries to get them back. She pleads with Tarra, saying she’s not trying to hurt anyone, she’s trying to fix things. Tarra refuses to relinquish the swords until El explains herself. When she sees how much pain El is in, Tarra suggests she take a hot bath.

Garry still can’t get into the navigation system back on the flight deck and it seems like all hope is lost when Irene rushes in and tells Ted she figured out where El is from. The artificial life forms on Metropolon had exterminated all of the organic life on their planet, except under the oceans…

El is enjoying a nice, hot bath and some Led Zeppelin when Ted bursts in and sees her legs have transformed into a mermaid tail, before covering his eyes, badly. He takes her belt and refuses to give it back to her until she explains herself. She agrees, but only if he gives her back her belt!

El explains to the crew on the flight deck that her people live under the vicious oceans of Metropolon. Before the robots wiped out the land-dwellers, she met Nicola, who may have been artificial, but he was real to her. Nicola made her leg-transforming belt and gave her a whole new life on land. The land-dwellers didn’t believe her kind existed, so when they found out her secret, they thought Nicola was messing around with human genetics. They tortured him to death and threw her back in the ocean.

The merpeople gave El forty lashes for “betraying her race”. She was so upset, she found a sunken pirate ship full of grog, and drank herself to sleep. She dreamed that the robots rose up and exterminated the land-dwellers. El breaks down when recanting this memory, blaming herself for their genocide. Ted tries to tell her it’s not her fault, it was just a dream.

El reveals her dreams don’t predict the future, they manifest into reality. She says she has been traveling from galaxy to galaxy ever since trying to learn how to control her power. She dreamed of The Curie and her crew, with a Metropolon like Tyco who was loyal to them. El knew she needed one of them to deactivate all the Metropolon and make things right. Irene tells her she can’t commit genocide on a race of sentient beings! But El tells them it’s too late, everything from her dreams come true.

In the mess hall, Kayla comes up with a plan to drug El to sleep so they have a chance to change the outcome. Garry distracts El while they slip a sedative in her grog. They know she’s dreaming because Bessie is back and isn’t allowing anyone to go into the flight deck, where Tyco is about to deactivate all the Metropolon. Dulcan charges at Bessie and they have a knock-down drag-out fight while Ted tries to convince Tyco to do the right thing. The Metropolon warships move into attack positions, getting ready to destroy The Curie. Tyco programs the electromagnetic pulse that deactivates all the robots, including himself.

Later… El breaks through the jello-mold-like surface of the Metropolon ocean and waves goodbye to her mom. Ted is waiting by a shuttle in a space suit, holding her belt and her uniform. He refuses to hand her pants over until she calls him Captain. In the Engineering bay of The Curie, El shows Marvin how to use a modified version of her green sword, which re-activates a dead Metropolon named Carl. El asks Carl if he wants to kill all humans and he responds “No, I am a Metropolon, I respect all organic life.”

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