Fangirl: Chapter Nine

Henry took off his headphones in the recording booth, breathing heavy, awash in endorphins as if he just ran a marathon. Eight hours of allowing the characters to use him as a puppet was the equivalent of taking a Siberian husky for a run. It had to be done. At the end of his voice over day, Henry felt elated and spent, hungry for red meat and ready for a good night’s sleep. His throat was sore, but he felt… unwound. The intricate circuits that carried neurological impulses in his brain felt untangled, like a string of Christmas lights ready for the tree.

“Good stuff, Henry…” Emmy handed Henry a cold bottle of water as he closed the recording booth door behind him. “That was a little… Intense. Are you doing okay?” Her hazel eyes held a wary look over her tortoise shell glasses. Henry smiled at her and shook his head.

“I’m… doing a lot better, yeah. Feels good to get back in the swing of things.” Henry drank about half the bottle of water and wiped his brow sweat on his arm hair. He followed Emmy down the hallway to the parking garage.

“How’s the new show coming along?” Emmy held the door open for Henry.

“It’s amazing! It’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done…” There was a far-off look of happiness behind Henry’s dark eyes. Emmy poked him in the chest with her large, man-ish finger, the pointy red nail sharp against his sternum.

“The most beautiful thing YOU have ever done. You, Henry. You’re doing a good job.” She gave him a stern look full of love. Henry melted back to reality, a warm smile grew on his face. “Now gimme a hug, ya big galoot!” Hugging Emmy was like hugging a bear… it was gonna happen. Henry tried not to pop a boner as Emmy wrapped him in her big, beefy arms, his face pressed against her pendulous pillowy tits. He inhaled her smell, which reminded him of his mother. There wasn’t enough therapy on Earth to figure that one out.

A green Lexus SUV was waiting for Emmy, driven by Allie, her short, round motherly wife with an identical black bob haircut.  Three dark-haired children piled out of the car and made a bee-line for Henry. Marty was the youngest, the brains of the operation, a six-year-old terror in jean short overalls. Rudy was the nervous eight-year-old middle-kid in a Mario t-shirt. Ten-year-old Judy had a short haircut, green plastic framed glasses and personalized sharpie drawings on her jeans. The kids piled on Henry like a pack of wild puppies, pulling him to the ground with overwhelming affection. He laughed as they demanded cartoon voices, getting dirt on his jeans and dark blue polo shirt.

“Okay, what voices!?” Henry shouted as they tickled him.

“Can you try Yoda?” Rudy asked.

“Do or do not, there is no try…” Yoda croaked through Henry. The kids erupted in giggle fits.

“Do the plant from ‘Little Shop of Horrors!'” Judy gleefully shouted.

“Feed me!” Henry set them off into a giggle storm again.

“Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime!” Marty demanded, tugging on Henry’s collar. Henry put his hand over his nose and upper lip to create a muffled robot-effect.

“Autobots, roll out!” Henry laughed at Marty’s shriek of laughter, which was more like a battle cry.

“KIDS! WE DO NOT JUMP ON PEOPLE WITHOUT ASKING!” Allie demanded, standing next to the car with her fists on her round hips. Her light purple track suit made it easy for her to bend down and wrestle the the children away from Henry. She was wearing a tan pageboy cap over her chestnut hair. “Ugh. Sorry Henry, they’re being rambunctious because we had to limit the iPad time this week, didn’t we?”

“I tried to sell my goldfish on eBay.” Marty admitted, unprovoked.

“I told ya that wasn’t gonna work.” Rudy responded, twitchy from technology withdrawals.

“He wouldn’t do any tricks!” Marty said as if that was the obvious reason.

“I still think it was a she!” Judy said with her arms crossed over her Sailor Moon t-shirt.

“You tell em, kid.” Henry smiled and ruffled Judy’s hair. She smiled and tried to mimic Henry’s posture as they sat on the ground.

“Regardless! A break from screens is a good thing.” Emmy said, corralling the kids back in the SUV. “Come on, you animals! Get back in the car, we gotta get to Judy’s piano lessons and Marty’s ballet class.”

“I like wearing tights.” Marty said, giving Henry a defiant smile before hopping back in his booster seat. Allie helped Henry up from the ground and brushed him off.

“Besides being attacked by our unruly progeny… how have you been, Henry? Are you eating enough? Your face looks thin.” Allie grabbed Henry’s chin and turned his face side-to-side.

“I’m okay, I’m gonna go eat something now, thanks…” Henry took Allie’s tiny hand and squeezed it lightly. Emmy was the voice of Angela Foster, but Allie was the inspiration. Angela was drawn as a caricature of her, a voluptuous cartoon version of the plump little woman who looked up at him with big, concerned brown eyes.

“You have to come over for dinner again sometime soon, no excuses! Now that Em’s taking over the cartoon, you can find the time. I’ll make a brisket!” Emmy honked the horn twice. “Take care, Henry!” The kids waved from the backseat as the SUV drove away. Henry got in his light blue 1957 Chevy Bel Air and took a few deep breaths, smiling to himself.

“Hi Henry…” Said a sultry voice in the backseat.

“GAH!” Henry screamed in surprise. He looked back to see Lucy or Lillian or Lori or whoever, lounging in the backseat with a picnic basket. She was wearing a flowy white linen dress and a light blue cardigan that matched the car. Her hair was blonde again, up in a ponytail tied with a red ribbon.  “Oh great, you again…”

“That’s a good way to start talking yourself out of dessert…” She sassed back. She tossed a pair of leather sandals up into the front and hopped into the passenger seat.

“So who are you this time?”

“I’m Laurie, silly!”

“I thought you were already Lori.”

“No, LAUrie. Totally different name.” Laurie stated. She sat cross-legged and barefoot in the seat next to him, her eyes sparkling in anticipation of some random adventure. Henry looked her up and down, decided to just go with it.

“All right then. Whatever you say, Miss Laurie… Where are we going?” Henry put the key in the ignition and revved up the vintage engine. Laurie pulled the picnic basket from the backseat and held it up.

“Well, we’re not going into outer space…” She grinned and put on white framed vintage cat-eye sunglasses.

“Yet…” Henry smiled back.


Jess couldn’t stop eating. The hangover trying to crush her skull into oblivion was demanding sacrifices of mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, Monterrey jack cheeseburgers, redskin German potato salad, green bean salad, BBQ Pringles, chocolate chip cookies, baked mac and cheese, ambrosia salad, six mini quiches and half a raspberry pound cake. The cooler underneath the folding table set up in Grandma’s backyard was full of light beer and hard lemonade. Jess was on her third lemonade.

Cousins of varying ages were running up and down the slope to the woods in Grandma’s backyard. Momma had set up a slip n’ slide and she was making joyous belly-slides down the hill with the kids in a one-piece black swimsuit. Momma looked exactly like Jess, just 20 years older with big fake boobs.  Pink and blue streamers were attached to the patio furniture with matching balloons. Grandma sat in the shade with an electric hand fan cooling her off in the July heat.

She was happy Grandma made it to 80-years-old, but Jess’s drinking binge didn’t end after Aunt Rita’s funeral. Her face was puffy and covered in sugar blemishes. She looked swollen with 15 pounds of water weight she didn’t even notice. The same black leggings, black tank top and gray hoodie were her everyday outfit and she was always hungry, even when she was eating. It didn’t matter what she was eating, she couldn’t taste it anyway. Linsey never texted her back. She didn’t want to think about the rambling emotional messages she sent her, desperately asking what she did wrong. Jess didn’t expect to hear from her ever again after that.

“Jess, do you have anymore of these plastic bags?” Jess’s cousin Jill asked from the other side of the screen door, holding an empty box of sandwich bags. Jill was a year older than Jess, she was a few inches taller and had Disney princess features. Her big brown eyes and cute cheeks gave her the appearance of a happy chipmunk. She wore cut-off jean shorts and had a purple abaya wrapped around her long, brown hair. Her three kids were each a different race.

“I think there’s more under the sink.” Jess told her while eating a hot dog.

“You’re not supposed to keep food stuff under the sink.” Jill said, then disappeared back in the kitchen. Jess rolled her eyes.

“What do you need them for?” Jess yelled over her shoulder.

“I’m taking food to Mohammed when he gets off work.” Jill said from the kitchen.

“Oh, okay… Wait, who’s dad is he again?”


“The little one, right?”


“Jess, are you coming to play with the kids or what?!” Momma yelled from the bottom of the hill.

“I can’t find my bathing suit!”

“You can borrow one of mine!”

“I’m good! I swear! I’m fine… I need to lie down.” Jess threw her paper plate in the trash and her empty lemonade bottle in the recycling. The blessed coolness of the basement put her at ease. She closed the blinds and flopped on the futon. The distant sounds of her family playing in the sunshine made her put a pillow over her head.


“At Last” by Ella Fitzgerald played on the vintage radio as they drove along to Laurie’s secret destination. Henry was barely paying attention to where they were going as he listened to her chatter about dreams and explain entire movies he pretended he never saw. He had a hard time watching the road when all he wanted to do was look at her tanned legs stretched out in front of her, bare feet up on the dash.

“And then the guy who was trying to capture her for the whole movie ends up helping them set her free!” Laurie explained, grinning as she stared off into the distance, watching the movie in her imagination.

“Wow, really? Even though he was getting injured the whole time?” Henry feigned ignorance in a charming manner.

“Yeah and he keeps saying ‘What a week I’m having!’ Haha, kinda like a catchphrase.”

“Funny…” Henry smiled at her, full of adoration, twitching with desire.

“I can’t believe you’ve never seen ‘Splash’!” Her green eyes shot a skeptical glance over her sunglasses. Her smile said she understood that he just wanted to hear her explain it. “Take a left up here, on the dirt road.” The dirt road ended in a willow-tree lined pond with koi bubbles popping between the lily pads on the surface. A small waterfall trickled near a huge old weeping willow trailing branches into the pond. “We’re here!” She squealed, hopping out of the car with the picnic basket. Henry stood by the car and watched her pick a perfect spot on the soft green grass next to the water and spread out a white and red checked blanket.

“Wow, you really went all out, huh?” Henry walked up as she kicked off her sandals and arranged her skirt underneath her.

“Wait till you taste the food…” Laurie looked up at him and licked her sexy pink lips. She opened the picnic basket and Henry’s mouth started watering. Roast beef sandwiches on fresh sourdough bread with spicy mustard, dill pickles, white cheddar, romaine lettuce and thick slices of beefsteak tomatoes. Herb roasted red skin potatoes. Cucumber salad. Fresh strawberries and cool whip for dessert… Laurie even pulled out a big bottle of sparkling water and a magnum of champagne. Henry fell to his knees on the blanket in front of Laurie, marveling at all the delicious food in front of him and the beautiful woman serving it. He caressed her cheeks and kissed her softly.

“Thank you. This is amazing…” He said, his dark eyes absorbing all the love her green eyes exuded.

“Well, let’s eat before the ants do!” Laurie handed him a sandwich and watched with her hands clasped under her chin as he took a big bite. The roast beef was fresh and juicy, the romaine gave a satisfying crunch and the tangy sourdough flavor of the bread complemented the other ingredients to a mouthwatering degree. Henry let out a long groan of pleasure.

“Fuck, that’s good.” He growled through a mouthful of sandwich. Laurie picked up a sandwich and started eating. Watching her mouth take a big bite, her jaw working as she chewed and her eyes roll back in her head as she was overwhelmed by the deliciousness of the sandwich… made Henry’s mouth water more. There were plates and utensils in the basket, but no glasses, so they passed the sparkling water and champagne between them, drinking right from the bottle. He loved watching her throat move up and down as she swallowed. Laurie giggled through her nose when she caught him staring at her.

“I don’t know what you like more, eating the food or watching me eat, haha!”

“Can’t it be both?” Henry laughed, his head starting to feel fuzzy from the half a bottle of champagne they just drank.

“I suppose it could…” Laurie said, putting a small red strawberry to her lips. Henry wiped his face on a red and white checkered napkin and kissed her with the strawberry between their lips. Their tongues played with the gritty texture of the berry, intensely sweet and tart, salavacious to the max… Laurie pulled Henry down on top of her as they continued to kiss. He ran his hand down the side of her body, grabbed a handful of her ass as he kissed her neck, leaving a trail of red strawberry juice stains that he licked up with his long tongue. She giggled and picked up the champagne bottle, tried to drink some and ended up spilling it down her chin and in her cleavage. Henry lapped up the bubbly like a thirsty dog. Her white dress was getting stained, so he started to unbutton the front of it. They were in a remote location, no people around…

“I have an idea…” Henry said with a wicked smile. He picked up the champagne bottle and a strawberry. Laurie lounged on the blanket in the grass with Henry’s head underneath her skirt, a dreamy smile spread across her face. His head popped up, his chin stained red from all the strawberries.

“I’m so glad you didn’t bring any glasses…” Henry said before diving back under for seconds. He poured a trickle of the champagne on the head of her clit, put a strawberry inside her damp, pulsating pussy.

“Don’t forget the cool wHip!” Laurie said, handing him a spray can of whipped topping.

“What?” Said Henry, confused.

“I said, don’t forget the cool wHip!” Laurie’s grin was delightful.

“I mean, why are you… Ya know what, fuck it, it’s fine!” Henry sprayed a big dollop of cool wHip on Laurie’s pussy sundae and dove between her legs again.


Jess shivered on the couch in Vlad’s living room. It was dark and unfamiliar, the only light was from the full moon filtered through the window blinds. She was so drunk, her head felt full of battery acid, sloshing around inside her skull, melting her brain matter. Linsey had finally agreed to hang out again, but only with her boyfriend sulking in the shadows the whole time. Jess did her best to keep up with Linsey’s drinking, buying shots for her and Vlad, trying to be a good friend while getting annihilated on rail whiskey. An horrific rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen was met with an embarrassed, pitying glance from Linsey before she turned back to Vlad. Jess didn’t understand why that song didn’t come out of her the way it did in the shower. She took another shot.

Vlad lived in an apartment above the bar and he said Jess could sleep it off on the couch after last call, much to Linsey’s chagrin. The couch was really more of a love seat, much too short to sleep on, even at Jess’s medium stature. They forgot to give her a blanket, so she pulled her hoodie around her as tight as possible, drawing the strings around her face. Vlad’s black cat Vato jumped on Jess’s stomach, making her feel like she was going to throw up again. She ran to the bathroom and puked whiskey and bile into the dirty toilet. After rinsing her mouth with sink water, she stumbled out of the bathroom. The soft sound of sobbing was coming from the bedroom. Jess opened the door. Linsey was crying as Vlad spooned her in bed.

“There, there, Linsey. It vill be all right…” Vlad said in a thick Bulgarian accent. The only thing that was registering for Jess was that her friend was upset. Everything else in her universe was just an aching blur.

“Can I sleep in here?” Jess asked.

“Yes…” said Vlad, his curly black hair and pale, statuesque form silhouetted in the moonlight. Linsey continued to cry, her long brown hair was a disheveled mess, her pretty face was streaked with tears and she wore only a lavender bra and panties set. Jess got in bed with them because it was Vlad’s bed and he said yes. Linsey turned away from Jess and buried her face in Vlad’s chest hair. Jess cuddled up to Linsey, pet her shoulder, tried to comfort her.

“It’s gonna be okay, Linds. For real, like everything will work out fine…” Despite puking, Jess still felt too drunk to form coherent thoughts. She just wanted her friend to feel better. “Is it okay if I touch your boob… platonically? Haha…” Jess hated that phrase as soon as it was out of her mouth.

“I guess?” Linsey said as Vlad stroked her hair. Jess touched her, trying to get some kind of positive response. When she reached between her legs, Linsey sat up in bed.

“Okay, I’m NOT having a threesome with you.” Linsey slurred, then she got up, gathered her clothes and left. Jess and Vlad looked at each other in the darkness.

“Should we still… ah?” Vlad asked.

“Meh… May as well.” Jess responded.

Jess checked her phone when Vlad dropped her off at home the next morning. Linsey sent her a message:

“I can’t believe I was STUPID enough to let you back in my life! Stay the fuck away from me you attempted rapist!”

Jess’s whole world turned upside down. The hangover burning white hot through her brain would not let that last word sink in. Is that what happened? I’m such a piece of shit! She thought. Suicidal thoughts immediately sprang up in her mind. She tried to piece together the circumstances in her mind, none of it made any sense, but she felt rotten for hurting her friend. Jess tried to send Linsey a message, ask her what happened, apologize, but Linsey blocked her number. They never spoke again.


Henry drove along the dark highway in the Chevy Bel Air, tipsy from the champagne with his hand on Laurie’s knee. She was still wearing her cat-eye sunglasses, a dreamy expression on her face. It was so dark, Henry couldn’t even see where his hand was on her knee. He tried to focus on the blurry white lines on the highway.

“Have you ever been water-skiing?” Laurie asked, scooching closer to him across the soft white leather of the bench seat. The car pre-dated seat belts.

“No, why?” Henry asked. Laurie put her hand on his knee.

“How about archery? Ever tried that?” Laurie’s hand inched up Henry’s thigh towards the tent in his pants.

“Not really…” Henry said, giving her a half-smile and a side-glance that made the car swerve slightly. He used every ounce of his will to focus on the road ahead.

“Baseball? Ever tried Baseball?” Laurie’s hand reached Henry’s crotch and massaged his hard dick through his pants. Henry made a soft grunt of pleasure.

“Yeah… Who hasn’t? Why?” Henry asked, hands gripping the steering wheel.

“These things require an incredible amount of… focus…” Laurie unzipped Henry’s pants and reached inside. “And control…” Laurie took out a small pink remote control with one button on it. “Hey, would you hang on to this for me? Just keep pressing the button over and over.” She handed the remote to Henry.

“Oh… Yeah, sure. What does it do?” He asked as her hand found the hole in his boxers.

“You’ll find out soon…” Laurie said. Her hand was stroking his hard dick, which was outside of his pants. She picked up the half-empty bottle of sparkling water and chugged it, letting out a satisfied “Ahhh…” and a loud belch. Henry laughed. Laurie put her sunglasses on her head before it went into his lap.

“Oh my god… I’m so close to coming…” Henry said, pressing her button over and over. Laurie moaned with his dick in her mouth. She didn’t use her hands at all. “Oh god!” he groaned as he came in her mouth. She sucked all of his juices up. Laurie leaned her head back on the seat and he watched her throat move up and down in the rear view mirror. “That… Was… AWESOME!” Henry said, using one hand to put his dick back in his pants.

“Mmm… Tasted that way…” Laurie said with a wink and a smile.

“Now can you tell me what this thing is for?” Henry asked, amused.

“Oh, I can show you!” Laurie said like it was a magic trick. She reached between her legs and pulled out a small pink vibrator, releasing a small puff of a queef. The vibrator buzzed when Henry pressed the button. Henry threw his head back and laughed as she held up the vibrator, smiling like it was a fish she just caught. Laurie gasped.

“Look out!” She shouted, pointing at a small white rabbit in the middle of the road. Henry gasped, tried to swerve, the car spun-out on the dark highway…

To be continued… 10/1/18

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